Presentation of the LIFE RusaLCA project at the Symbi conference

Representatives of the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute presented the results of the LIFE RusaLCA project at the Symbi conference, which was held on November 21st, 2017 in Ljubljana. The importance of wastewater cleaning was discussed, as well as the possibilities of the reuse of cleaned water for different purposes.

An international two-day conference (held on November 21th and 22nd, 2017), with the title “Circular economy and industrial symbiosis: drivers, enablers and challenges”, was organized by the Slovenian government’s office for development and the European Cohesion Policy, which is a partner organization in the Symbio project.

The conference was visited by Symbi project partners and their stake-holders from Spain, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Finland, and Greece, as well as by members of the wider public. The aim of the conference was to investigate how the market gaps between the primary and secondary raw materials could be reduced, as well as discussing the financial instruments needed to promote industrial symbiosis projects, and examples of good practice in this field.